New Mexico

Sandia Peak, outside Albuquerque

During a break before a Computer Chess Competition in 1991, we took the tram ride to the top of Sandia Crest.


Rio Grande in northern New Mexico

In 2018, on a Route 66 adventure, it was suggested that we take a side route from Sante Fe, NM, north to Taos. On the way we got directions to take a smaller road along the Rio Grande river.  We hadn't even known the Rio Grande went north thru New Mexico.


We also found a community of Earthships.

Earthship structures are intended to be "off-the-grid-ready" homes, with minimal reliance on public utilities and fossil fuels. They are constructed to use available natural resources, especially energy from the sun and rain water. (Wikipedia)


This is the Rio Grande Gorge and the bridge across it.  The gorge is 800 feet deep.