The Netherlands

1997 Amersfoort

  View from the train from Amsterdam

  My hotel in Amersfoort


September, 2017

For more photos and information from this trip see the Travel page for the 2017 Netherlands trip.

  Cottage in Eindhoven

  Heeswijk Kasteel

  Wind and water mill

  Klok and Peel Museum

  Canal and bicycles in Amsterdam

  Broek in Waterland



  Canal cruise in Amsterdam

  Haarlem train station

  Cubic homes in Rotterdam

  Zaanse Schans windmills

  Maeslantkering flood control

  Delta Werks flood control

  Bridge in Zierikzee

  Eisinga Planetarium in Franeker


  Akerendam in Beverwijk

  Casteel in Heemskerk

  The Peace Palace in The Hague

  The Hague


  Zandfoort on the North Sea