Pella - Tulip Time, May, 2005

In the fall of each year, Pella hires the local college students to plant tulip bulbs in the parks and neighborhood parkways.  The flowers will then be ready for Tulip time, the next May.

After the 3 day festival, residents are allowed to dig up the bulbs for their own use.  That sort of pays them back for the disruption of the festival.

The college students are again hired to remove the tulip debris and plant annuals in the same beds for summer.

In 2005, my Mom, my friend BeckySue and I drove to Pella for Tulip Time.  We were too late to reserve accomodations in Pella.  So I opted for a large room in Otumwa, Iowa.  Yes, that's the town Radar O'Reilly came from.

Pella, Iowa is home to Pella Windows and Doors, as well as Vermeer industrial and agricultural equipment.

They have a working windmill which grinds flour for the bakery products sold there.


An ornate player organ.

Tulips along a parkway and through a park.


An indoor minature Dutch village.  In the last photo, a section is under constrution.