In 1986, after a week in Bern, Switzerland, and a few days in France, we drove thru Germany on our way to Sweden.

We drove on the Autobahn, Germany's freeway system with unrestricted speeds.  Unfortunately our rental car only allowed us to drive up to about 90 miles an hour.  The suggested, but not enforced, speed is 80 MPH.

We discovered by experience that there are some rules for flashing lights and turn signals to communicate lane change and passing intentions.  Very polite.  No tailgating, rude gestures or horn honking.

It was fun!

We stayed outside of Frankfurt, at the Kempinski Hotel Frankfurt Gravenbruch, a 5-Star hotel/restaurant.  The photo is from their current website.

From Frankfurt we drove to Hamburg.  There we stayed at another 5-star hotel, the Hotel Atlantic.

Across from the hotel is Lake Alster.


The next day we drove to the docks in Kiel further north.  We were taking an overnight ship to Gothenburg, Sweden, for a week of computer work.

At the docks we saw a Russian ship, note the hammer and sickle symbol on the ship's funnel.

While we had dinner and slept, the ship made it's way thru the Danish islands.  The second photo shows the portholes for our cabin at the front of the ship.